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Meet Gina

Hey y'all! My name is Gina Palombit and I'm from Lubbock, Texas (are you picturing a Texas accent?) I was born and raised in Texas but claim New Mexico as home. But (unfortunately/fortunately, whichever your preference) I do not have an accent. 

I grew up in front of my dad's camcorder alongside my mom and four beautiful sisters: Jessica, Melissa, Andrea and Victoria. My love for video started early in my life. At 18, I left Lubbock to swim on scholarship at New Mexico State (Go Aggies!). Fast-forward to my senior year, I discovered my passion for video editing while working at KRWG News22 as the Chief Editor. I could sit for 8 hours straight video editing and feel like only an hour had passed. 

In 2019, I established Lemon Light Productions where we specialize in storytelling through video and photography. We love bringing our client's visions to life, and we are always up for a challenge. 


Making people laugh, my cat Ham, The Office, New Mexico sunsets, chocolate milk, miniature things (I have a small obsession with miniature items), fluffy animals, yummy food, The Great British Baking Show, coffee, salad (just kidding haha), dark chocolate (milk chocolate is a waste of time), and learning new things.


My grandmother Ruth, aka "Punchy", inspired me to enjoy life, even in the most difficult stages. She was strong-willed, quick-witted, generous and warm. Her charm was unmatched and her smile, contagious. She was an amazing woman, and one that I aspire to be like.

Let's chat! I'd love to learn more about your story.

Meet Francis 
AKA "Franny"

Hey everyone! My name is Francis Check and I’ve lived in the Land of Enchantment my entire life. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world, but Las Cruces will always be home for me. ​ Since I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated with film and visual effects. This began my journey from filming stop motion legos as a kid, to starting my own business called Video Realm Media, to having my work featured in Hollywood films. VFX and film are truly a great passion of mine. ​


Making people laugh, helping others, spending time with family, hiking, landscape photography, 3D modeling, 3D printing, kitties, Mexican food, burgers, and the occasional video game.


My parents have inspired me and given me so many great values. My dad is such a hard working guy and always did what was best for our family - even when things were tough. His example has always given me the drive to work hard and do the right thing. My mom was extremely supportive for me to pursue my dream to get into film and VFX. If it weren’t for the encouragement and support from her, I can easily say I wouldn’t be where I am today!

Let's chat! I'd love to learn more about your story.
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